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1. if you are good at one thing allways count with that it is at least one other guy that are at twice as good at you are on that thing
2. its not the bots thats remove the reweivs it is the guy who made that movie or game or whatever it is who remove all rewivs so dont be pissed off on the bots balme the aurther
3. i might have poor enlish but im from sweden so that makes sense
4. explain your reweivs and whey have less change to be deleted

hi guys here is something that can be usefull to know

hi just so you know

2011-02-19 13:39:21 by discokossan

if you have any problem with what i say in my post just comment it so i know thank you /discokossan


2010-04-18 05:58:42 by discokossan

console wii ds
vehicles 4/5 3/5
STEERING 5/5 3/5
weight 2/5 5/5
price 3/5 4/5
Comment(wii).a great game if you want to drive a cart(or bike) WITHOUT leaving your home
Comment(ds):perfect on the trip somewhere good in the car or the bus
SUMMARY: the mariokat wii are very good at home but if you want do drive go kart on the trip you shoud use mario kart ds


2009-12-20 16:34:50 by discokossan

some games are reley good like royale brawl 2


2009-12-20 16:28:35 by discokossan

i rely like newghruonds but well sometime i think ther can do better